Carving Station With 39" Flex Arm

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Carving Station With 39" Flex Arm

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  • Switch located away from the heat source
  • Ideal for catering, banquet halls, hotels, or rental companies
  • Rated UL recognized
  • Includes 250 watt Red bulb; 24" x 16" x 1" maple cutting board and 18" x 26" 12 ga. sheet pan
  • Spun aluminum shade with flared rim for added strength
  • Drilled shade for increased heat dissipation
  • Optional maple cutting board and drip pan is perfect for a front-of-the-house carving station
  • Sockets are ceramic insulated and furnished with a nickel-plated copper screw shell and contact point to prevent fusing
  • Internal wiring is braided and silicone covered and rated 200˚ C
  • Durable 16 gauge external wiring with molded three-prong plug is 6' long
  • All switches are either “T” or “L” rated and surpass minimum requirements and located out of the heat zone
  • Designed to operate on 110-120 volt AC service; wiring will accommodate 250 volt AC service
  • The fixed arm including the base is 17.125"
  • The flexible arm up to the lamp housing is 23.375"
Product Code: HL8195B00
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